don't delay why now is the best time to get Architectural plans produced

Why Now Is the Best Time to Get Your Architectural Plans Produced

Architectural house plans are the first major step in any new/self-build, loft conversion, extension or renovation project. As such, they’re often put off until you want to start building. However, it’s important to consider the steps that follow house plans and how they can add to your project’s timespan.

Read on as we outline four reasons why now is the best time to get your architectural house plans produced…

1. Waiting for planning permission

Although it is not required for all projects, planning permission is an essential consideration for most building work. Local authorities could demand you undo any work that breaches their rules and regulations. On average, planning permission takes 8 weeks for approval. But it can extend up to 13 weeks if the project is more complex.

So, make sure you know what you need approval for. Certain design elements can’t be developed further until you have planning permission in place. Applying as soon as possible can help you avoid significant delays to your build. Detailed architectural plans can maximise the chances of approval to minimise the duration of the process.

2. Do you need building regulations approval?

Building regulations set the standards needed to ensure homes and public buildings are safe. They cover extensions and alterations of buildings. If you are planning to install a new heating system, replace windows or doors or fit a new bathroom that involves plumbing, you will probably need building regulations approval.

To apply for approval or check the regulations, you’ll need to contact your Building Control Body. You can choose between using the local authority or a private, approved inspector. Whatever the case, it takes approximately 4 weeks for approval – and house plans are critical to this process.

You’ll also need to ensure that your plans comply with the new building regulations that came into effect from June 2022. This update was intended to reduce energy usage, as well as lower carbon dioxide emissions from new-build homes by 30%. Changes included updated requirements for insulation in new homes, as well as ventilation awareness. There were also new regulations introduced for limiting excess solar gain and installing charging points for electric vehicles.

3. Booking your builders

When it comes to quality builders, be prepared to wait. If a builder says they can start your project next week, listen to the alarm bells. Good builders are booked up months in advance.

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) states that waiting at least four months for builders is standard practice. You can then add the length of your project on top of that. On average, you could be waiting seven months for an extension, five for a new bathroom, or six and a half for a loft conversion.

With that in mind, you’ll want your house plans to be in place as soon as possible so you can get started on your search for the best contractors.

4. Producing designs for your project

Above all else, now is the time to get plans produced because the plans themselves can take several weeks. At White Agus, we aim to deliver all house plans promptly with the following process:

  • From the point of instruction, we arrange a convenient time to conduct a measured survey
  • Following the measured survey, designs are produced within three weeks
  • You can then request any changes to these plans before they are signed off and, if applicable, submitted for planning approval

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Don’t delay on your architectural house plans

With high-quality plans on your side from the outset, you can minimise the time it takes to get planning permission, building regulations approval and the right contractors. As we’ve established above, now is the time to see your vision come to life.

That’s where White Agus can help with architectural design services for house extensions, loft conversions and new build developments. Our team will guide you through the process, from planning permission to design tweaks, so you can avoid delays in your project.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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